SwapSome is a one-stop digital marketplace for in-game digital goods and services. Built to enhance the experience of trading online. Users can sell and request items and services for free, but more dedicated people can create their own on-site company to conduct more trades by hiring employees. Businesses can have their own hierarchy of employees with separate rights. The ordering flow is designed for security, allowing sellers to define milestones which all have to be accepted by the buyer to finish the trade. This is done in a live-order page similar to an in-game trade window with live updates of the process. Both parties can leave notes on each step to prevent any misunderstandings, but if all else fails they can request an admin to control the trade. Users can also chat directly on the site so every part of the bargain can be done without sharing any other contact info. Safety and trust are assured by a unique honor system which is calculated from users ratings, behavior and overall activity. Similar to employees at an on-site company, administrators also follow a non-strict, custom ranking system with different ranks and rights.



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